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Status updated Just now
They are working on getting the PvP Server reset, so everything will be held off until the reset is completed. Just wait.
This is redonkulous, I have sent a support email to HC for a complete rank transfer and with the pv for pvp server, and what do I get? Nothing not even a reply, not trying to be mean but please some Sr.Admin can you help me out??
Im in the support room in teamspeak can I get some staff to help lol XD
It is: [link] But if that doesn't work then try this. There is a TS3 Icon at the top left of the website, you can click that and it will connect you to HC's Teamspeak.
Whats the teamspeak ip i just tried [link] but its not popping up??
You do not have access to shout

Need Help (Minecraft Tech Support)
Please click here to view our support page! 
HC Network Default IP: mc.hcserver.com
(Temp)Vanilla 1.8 Server IP: v.hcserver.com:1
Rocky has been working on getting the server up without sleep nor rest. This guy is a machine and should be thanked for his dedication to his server and to all of you guys :)

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