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Short story short welcome ing. Ew island members!
Stupid spellcheck I took me off before I could finish
On sky lock one of my is members chez_rox I
Well honey does it say something like "pretending to be 1.7.8" or something like that??
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We have some good news and some bad news. We are currently in the process to update all servers to 1.7.9 official bukkit which will take sometime per server due to UUID conversion to save players Inventories, Last Location, EnderChest Contains, etc. So please expect a little delay/servers going down and such which is the bad news but on the other side the good news is, this update could possibly fix lots of connection related issues, random client crashes, random server crashes, etc..
For live updates on what have been done so far, visit HC's change log by clicking here. We are updating the change log as soon as we are done working on something.
Bear with us as we are doing our best to have this done as soon as possible and as always we appreciate your patience and understanding.



R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted Sat at 17:02

Everything is back up and running! We really appreciate your patience and understanding while our hosting company was down and due to this downtime, we will have another 35% off sale next weekend from 25th to 27th of April, Enjoy!


If you need further updates, please click here for HC Twitter, we have been communicating with others regarding the downtime since our host is being difficult and are not responding to anyone.


We are aware that the Servers and TS server is currently down.
As we said, it is because our host is having some difficulties and they are fixing it.

Thank you for your understanding!

redbat11 This time don't forgret to discount the CTF shop in the server, it wan't discounted during the easter sale.
LittleDemigod R_O_C_K_Y_ I have a question. HCServer isn't working for me.. When I click it it said "The authentication is down o ...
LittleDemigod Hiya R_O_C_K_Y_. I came here to ask a question. One of te mos sai that the server/ cables were fixed, but you didnt put ...

Easter! Easter! Easter sale! During this Easter long weekend we will be having a Easter sale with 35% off all items in the shop. The sale will end on monday at midnight EST and Like before you will not need to do a coupon as we are still testing the sale feature enjin has provided. Happy Easter everyone and happy hunting for those sneaky eggs!
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