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BigBooty in the house!
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 Today is Independence Day in America, where we celebrate the birth of our nation from those pesky Red Coats. This all started back in 1776, when we finally adopted the Declaration of Independence and told the Brits to get out. They didn't take this too easy, and like a needy ex-girlfriend, tried to win us back. It was a bitter and bloody breakup, but when all was said and done, we were free from their control. The rest is history from there. (Though they tried to get back at us in 1812, but we again showed them who was boss.)

 The 4th of July Holiday weekend have started, and what better way than to start it off with another one of our sales! Two days only, save 45% off on any item in the store to enjoy the time off. Thanks for all your support and enjoy!

Sixth HC PvP Contest

R_O_C_K_Y Owner posted Jun 17, 15

Hello players of HC! We will be hosting the sixth official HC PvP contest. This contest will take place on June 27th (Time listed below).  In order to join this contest, type "/server contest" from any server on HC.

Those who join during this period will automatically be white-listed, and the white-listing will automatically be turned on when the game starts. Make sure you get there early, because once whitelisting is turned on, players will not be able to join the contest. After this time, players will not be able to join back, so don’t disconnect!


Once the game has started, players will have an empty inventory, and ten minutes of being invincible to gather necessary resources before PvP is activated. After this grace period has ended, players can continue to gather resources and start fighting. Once a player is killed or disconnects, they will be removed from the contest. The final player remaining will be declared the winner, and will receive $100 of in-store credit.



1. Follow standard HC rules.

2. Don’t unnecessarily extend the game.

3. Don’t ask staff to be re added to the game after death or log absences.

4. Don’t ask to be added to the game after it’s already started.

(More rules to be added)

Server Open Time:

11:30AM [EST/New York, US Saturday]

8:30AM [PST/California, US Saturday]

1:30AM [AEST/Sydney, AU Sunday]

11:30PM [AWST/Perth, AU Saturday]

5:30PM [CEST/Amsterdam, NL Saturday]

4:30PM [BST/London, UK Saturday]

Game Starting Time:

12PM [EST/New York, US Saturday]

9AM [PST/California, US Saturday]

2AM [AEST/Sydney, AU Sunday]

12AM [AWST/Perth, AU Sunday]

6PM [CEST/Amsterdam, NL Saturday]

5PM [BST/London, UK Saturday]


The contest is over. Congratulations to NinjaPlays_ for winning. Thanks to everyone who participated. Stay on the lookout for more contests.

Alexminerman27 When is the next one? that was SO MUCH FUN!
Solaris27 GG. That was fun, even though I died without a kill.
gymnastmatthew tag Good luck to all the pvpers

Hello there HC! Over the past couple days I have been working on adding all the missing ranks from the server onto the teamspeak for you to use. To recieve your missing ranks please go into the Support Waiting Room and a staff member will be down to assign you your ranks! Below I have included images of the new ranks along with info pertaining to special abilities!


Note: Insane and Psycho have the ability to create temporary channels!


Note: SkyGod, SkyLord+, and SkyLord can create temporary channels!


KitPvP, SG, and CTF:

Note: Master, Titan, and Pro can create temporary channels!

proSquid245 you forgot main
DigitalCows tagtag You forgot EcoPvP. Poor EcoPvP. rip. ...
Luancool10 There is still alot ranks missing like warlord the highest donator rank on pvp or mason from the eco server and and and. ...
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