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Status updated 3 mins ago
Please understand my situation, I am frustrated so much
any admin please look at my ban appeal its been much long time since i have posted and there is no [link]'s been 5 days I am banned from Hc for no reson. Please any admin take a look at that. I have no server to play. Please someone try to unders
please report this sort in the appropriate forum.
Anyone with power. V V V
You do not have access to shout
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HC Gaming Network IP: mc.hcserver.com
Team Speak 3 Server IP: ts.hcserver.com:9103

Public Message Board!

vk2gpz tag posted 8 hours ago
We've introduced a public message board.  It is currently deployed on HC-Prison and HC-Creative. Other servers will also have their own PMB soon.

On the PMB, you can Sneak(shift)-Right-Click to edit the sign on the PMB.  The edited sign will be protected from being overwritten for at least 30 min.  Also, once you write a message, you cannot write another for 3 min.

tillyjf @ HC-PVP
Something that brings people closer.. I like this.
Warhero2450 GREAT decision for these signs! That would be quite useful!
vk2gpz tag i will add more features to this plugin so that players on HC-Creative can use it on their own plot for their RP setup.

2014 Christmas Pardon

vk2gpz tag posted Dec 13, 14
We're now accepting 2014 Christmas Pardon applications from permanently banned players.
If you're considering submitting an application, please read the HC Pardon Program description very carefully and make your submission.

Application will close on 24/Dec/2014
BlackTrack1 Where is the description link? Or is this it

The Prison server has just been released!!

Hello everyone,

We have been adding lots of features to the new Prison server. This unfortunately caused a bit of a delay, though we are aiming to release it during upcoming weekend. Here is a sneak preview, to give you an idea of what you can expect.

HC Prison spawn:


Mine A:


Mine A shop:

HC Prison PvP:

Stay tuned for the official release!

Larayoung I can't wait! I bet it will be so much fun. Im glad that there are new plugins it make it awesome! Nice halfcreeper on g ...
GabrielLegend do you know what will be updated after this?
Luancool10 Next time please finish the other server. Before make a new i joined pvp 1 day ago and the lag was crazy
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